“Remember your version of your strongest self is whatever YOU define it to be” 

– Katrina Hawgood

When many of us think of ‘strength’ we often think of being physically strong. At Ostelin, we explore how strength reveals itself in many ways beyond physicality. 

We are working with strong women to help celebrate what raw strength looks like, in all forms. Recently, our nine collaborators reflected deeply on their physical, mental and emotional strength journeys.

Rachel Thaiday

“I feel my strongest when I am physically and emotionally in alignment with my truest self. Over time, I’ve learned that this looks so very different for each and every one of us”

Nour El-chami

“I feel my strongest after a productive day knowing I was able to take care of my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. 

I feel strong when I complete all of my daily tasks like working, praying and exercising, all while also caring for my son. It’s very empowering to me knowing I’m doing the best I can on the daily, to take care of my family and myself.”

Sarita Holland

“I feel at my strongest when I’m working hard at something and taking action. I love when I’m looking at the positives and feeling grateful for all I have and when my family is healthy and happy. 

I love feeling mentally and physically strong, so for me, that means moving my body at least four times a week. Hot pilates, walking or lifting weights makes me feel strong and capable!”

Ma-Musu Nyande Ocheme

“I feel my strongest when I cry because it is one of the moments in my life when I sit in my pain and let it flow. I don’t feel self-pity during those moments – rather I feel strong for giving myself the permission to break down without shame, self-pity, or fear. 

I leave my weekly cry sessions feeling renewed and ready to take the necessary steps forward”

Katrina Hawgood

I feel my strongest when I am eating nutritious foods, engaging in regular physical activity, getting out in the sun and prioritising my mental health. 

It has been these small changes that have steered me into the direction of improved well being and made me feel my strongest. Which in turn has made me the best version of myself. Remember your version of your strongest self is whatever YOU define it to be.

Tegan Natoli

“I feel my strongest when I’m balanced. That includes being on top of my work, being able to show up for my kids and husband and also filling my own cup. Sometimes it’s a hard juggle but when you can find the balance among all your roles, it empowers you even more!”

Jillian Vincent

“I feel my strongest when I am with my family. I look at what we have created and what we went through to get here and see my strength. 

When my husband and I learned we required fertility assistance to start a family it was one of the hardest things I had to hear. Learning that your body was running out of time for an unknown reason, combined with low male fertility, was a challenging mix. 

Suddenly, something clicked in me and I channeled a strength I never knew I had! So now whenever I look at my girls I am reminded of this. I recognise what we went through together and how worth every bit of it was!”

Jordy Lucas

It sounds cliché, but I feel my strongest when my daughter tells me she loves me or that I’m the ‘best Mummy in the world’!

It makes me feel like all the stresses and strains that come with motherhood are worth it”

Nikki Langford

“Honestly I feel my strongest when we are all together as a family. My eldest is an adult now so he’s not always home. So when I have everyone under the one roof, I feel a strength I can not describe!

I think the loss of my mum and brother really set this thing within me years for my family to be close. When you lose someone you always feel like a little piece of you is missing. So, when we are all together including my dad, it’s like the puzzle is complete. There is no greater bond than family!”