If you could look up ‘Alicia Curtis’ in the dictionary you’d struggle to find one definition. From business leader, to inspiring social entrepreneur, proud mother, TED talker and champion of women’s strength. Alicia wears many hats but there’s one powerful purpose at the center of it all – to transform the world for the better.

At just 12 years old, Alicia attended the first International Children’s Conference on the Environment, organised by the United Nations. Just one year later, she co-founded a children’s conference with three friends in Perth (which still exists today). Since then, Alicia continues pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, developing and facilitating countless leadership programs for women, business leaders and young people, challenging the stereotypes of who can lead.

Alicia is one of those women who lift up other women. But she doesn’t stop there. She led an incredible group of volunteers, mostly young women to create a platform to lift up even more women.

As the co-founder and inaugural Chair of 100 Women, Alicia saw an opportunity bring together women to become powerful philanthropists by supporting and championing other women and girls around the world. Says Alicia,

“When we started 100 Women, we were passionate about two things – directing much needed funds to support women and girls both locally and globally, while also re-imagining what philanthropy could look like.

100 Women began with a simple yet powerful aim. To gather 100 exceptional women who wanted to make meaningful change. They would each donate $100 a month which could be pooled together to award grants to projects to empower women and girls. This year, 100 Women is aiming to reach $1,000,000 donations since our inception in 2014 – and the partnership with Ostelin help them get closer to achieving this.

We’re incredibly proud to be working with Ostelin to demonstrate the collective power of women and show what we can achieve when we all come together for a common cause.”
-Alicia Curtis

At Ostelin, we believe women are strong inside and out. And when we band together, we can be even stronger. So, when partnered with an organisation like 100 Women, through Ostelin Project Strong, there’s no stopping what women can do. Ostelin is proud to join 100 Women and their community of change-makers to help continue to champion, support, and empower women and girls.

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