This May 14th marks Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate all the mother-figures we have in our lives. Resilience, compassion and strength are core characteristics of mother-figures, like the passionate 100 Women community, Ostelin’s proud charity partner.

“We don’t have to fear anything. We don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to know it all. You just have to be you and step forward on the issues that matter to us.” – Alicia Curtis

Australian charity 100 Women’s purpose is to ignite the power of ‘collective giving’, by providing everyday people the opportunity to empower women and girls. 100 Women provides monetary grants to diverse organisations which advance women and girls’ safety, health, education and economic freedom – with 100% of donations going back into the grants pool.

Last year, with the support of Ostelin, 100 Women reached the milestone of $1 million in donations, which has since impacted 36,000 women and girls, globally. 

100 Women’s founder Alicia Curtis is a force of change, leading the 100 Women community. We spoke to Alicia about what Mother’s Day means to her and who she looks to for strength. 

Let’s find out what she had to say… 

Q: What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

A: To me, Mother’s Day is a celebration of the mothers in my life. My mum and grandma have always been my biggest supporters. They gave me the confidence and drive to reach for my dreams, but have also reminded me that family and community are so important. 

When you become a mother yourself, I think you appreciate this role that mothers play even more! The day becomes a great opportunity to reach out to your mum, friends and mother-like figures in your life to express your thanks for the inspiration and support we give to each other.

Q: Who is a strong and influential woman in your life?

A: I am so lucky to have many strong and influential women in my life. These amazing women are my mum, my grandma, two sisters, mentors who I grew up with such as Catrina Aniere, the many incredible women I get to work with day-to-day such as Dr Nicky Howe, to the many women who have shaped and continue to shape 100 Women, such as our Board Chair, Virginia Miltrup.

Q: Reflecting on a life moment or event, how has your mum, or a motherly figure, inspired you?

A: My mum taught me to be fearless. As a teenager, I remember preparing for an interview to be school captain.  I was role-playing with my mum and going through the practice questions – one of which was ‘what was my biggest fear about the role?’. I remember she said to me, ‘Ali, you’re not fearful of anything’.  

That one moment has stayed with me, throughout my whole life.  We don’t have to fear anything. We don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to know it all. You just have to be you and step forward on the issues that matter to us.

Q: Mothers are kind, protective, strong and extraordinary – attributes of the 100 Women community. How do you see these attributes reflected in the 100 Women community?

A: Together we are stronger! What I love about the 100 Women community is they understand that creating change is not someone else’s responsibility. It is all of us who have to stand up for each other. It is all of us who have to speak out.  

I love the 100 Women community – they are leaders, mentors, supporters, ‘do-ers’, innovators, cheerleaders and much more.  They are strong and extraordinary!  We combine our skills, knowledge, networks and power to help others and create the world we want to live in.  People who join 100 Women often have a deep desire to reach out and help those in need. This is kindness in action!  It can also be described as protective or more along the lines of, ‘I got you and this is not going to happen on my watch’.

Q: This Mother’s Day, what is a piece of advice you have recieved from another woman that has stuck with you?

A: In my 20’s I remember a mentor of mine sharing that we can’t get all the support and nurturing we need from just one person. It’s important to cultivate a community around you and invest in all types of relationships – intimate relationships, family relationships, work relationships, mentors and friendships.

Q: How can people get involved and support 100 Women?

A: Join us! When you become a 100 Women member, you are joining together with others to create grants to support women and girls around Australia and the world! From there you can attend our events, participate in our grant making program, share the power of giving with your friends and then celebrate the projects we are funding together, and follow their journeys. Members realise that they have more influence than they think! 

Learn more about Alicia and 100 Women, here.